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SodaVine started in 2013 in Rexburg, Idaho while brainstorming possible ideas to expand our Snoasis business, already a hot spot on Main Street in Rexburg. We wanted an indoor location year round that would offer a drive-thru and sit down option with fun, refreshing, good tasting drinks, treats, and pretzel bites. We’ve had our eye on the medicine shop for years wondering what could be done with that location and thought we could maybe use it as a second option if our location on Main Street didn’t work out for our Snoasis business.

As a teacher at Madison High, I wanted to help employ more of my wonderful students. Internships for my Culinary Class would also be a way of teaching them about business opportunities and to expand their skills. I love to teach students to think like a chef and have wanted a real-world setting to prepare them for the workplace and help employ them so they could pay for their college education. A teaching kitchen in the community has been a dream of mine also and hope to some day incorporate that idea. The original Rexburg SodaVine building took on a new look and function to serve all these purposes.

Eric and Robin Eastin Sodavine Rexburg Idaho

With my husband, Eric Eastin, retired and I wanting to retire from teaching in 4 years we got our heads together and came up with this soda shop adventure. I love seeing people have fun and build friendships so we thought why not provide a great place to drive through or sit down and get some a good treats as well as a refreshing drinks. The shop provides more than 20 different types of sodas but puts a twist on them with added shots of flavors and fruit purees.

I grew up in Newdale, Idaho and loved going to Johnson Drug in Rexburg sitting down to a good old fashion milk shake in those quaint glasses sitting on bar stools. Bringing back a touch of the past was a fun idea to pursue so decided to whip up shakes in our SodaVine Soda Shop.

My son Brady his wife Corinne have been living and working in Italy which brought on the idea of Italian Sodas, Italian Ice and Gelato’s some of which they served at their wedding and loved so have wanted to bring that in as well for a tasty, smooth, refreshing treat.

So how did we come upon a retro 50’s-60’s theme? While Eric and I attended a trade show in Las Vegas we both loved the show Jersey Boys which features the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. This took us back to the good old days growing up in the 50’s-70’s. We wanted to make this atmosphere reflect a time period we both loved. The name SodaVine came from an expression I often would use: “So Divine.” My greatest desire was to make everything about this place meaningful so I came up with the name by combining the words: “soda” (since that is what we were going to sell) and the word “divine.” Put them together: “Sodavine.”

The names of some our drinks reflect family names and songs from that time period. For example: Runaround Sue – Sue is my sister’s name. Rockin’ Robyn after me of course. My dad’s name is Pete so we went for Pina Colada Pete and my mom’s name is Wanda so thus the name of a drink is Wanna Wanda. Louie Louie (my favorite aunts name), and Tickled Pink (a phrase used by my mom while I was growing up.)

We opened on Friday, June 6th (my birthday) with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and some new treats and drinks. Come in and enjoy a fun hangout and a retro, modern feel with that good old 50’s-60’s music playing in the background while eating pretzel bites, treats, a gelato, or drinking a soothing shake. Maybe you just need those mixed up, fancy, twisted drinks or an Italian soda. What treat or drink makes you do the happy dance? Come in and make your day, “So Divine!” or should I say, “SodaVine!”

Hope to see you with a smile.
Robyn & Eric Eastin

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